Sabrina Dias Consulting

Sabrina Dias was my first ever official freelance project outside of school. We met over coffee to discuss expanding her business by refining her brand. She focuses on sustainable development and building solutions for corporate social responsibilities.​​​​​​​​​​​

SDC's approach builds informative and thorough advice. Sabrina and her team keep a forward-thinking attitude and always seek windows of opportunity. The brand identity had to fit within a corporate setting, so it is fairly rigid and modern. We decided the wordmark would highlight her name, while the monogram can supplement the full identity for smaller applications.

I also made sure there was enough personality introduced into the brand so that it reflects Sabrina as a person. Many elements came into effect when creating this brand to help differentiate it from the competition. As Sabrina has gained clients and projects throughout the years, we have worked together on many of them, from building reports to designing branding for other sustainability-focused companies. 

Branding — Print — Web

Client — Sabrina Dias
Date — September 2015

Photography & Copywriting — Sabrina Dias