Mowgli's 4D Jungle Adventure

SimEx-Iwerks specializes in 4D Theatre attraction development and teamed up Red Star 3D to create their own exciting film. They decided to create their own version of the famous story The Jungle Book. The first location this film was going to be shown at was San Diego Zoo, so they needed the proper environmental theming and on-site promotion at their existing 4D Theatre to help attract zoo attendee's.

I lead the initial design work by creating the title design and adapting that with the key art across main materials such as posters, banners and environmental graphics. The design team assisted me to finalize the production of many other pieces for Mowgli's 4D Jungle Adventure marketing as well. All of this was captured in an extensive film marketing style guide I organized.

This project was set to launch earlier in 2020, but was unfortunately delayed by COVID-19. Today, Mowgli 4D is one of Simex-Iwerks top performers, has played in a total of 22 different venues, been translated to 5 different languages to play across the globe and has been seen by an estimated 3 million people.

Branding — Environment — Print

Client — SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment
Date — April 2020

3D Animated Graphics — Red Star
Marketing Art Direction — Maggie Ostler
Character Poster Design — Jessica Johnson