Maple B2B Website

As one of Canada’s telehealth company for the public and private sector, Maple needed to update its B2B website to stand out from its B2C site.

I created a medium-fidelity wireframe in Figma that focused first on impactful typography to highlight key stats and features. I also implemented a card system that could be used for displaying different forms of content.

The web team and I took a thorough look at the overall navigation to keep the many web pages organized. The B2B navigation is divided to reflect their two main types of partnerships; Business solutions for the private sector and Care Delivery for government institutions.

Lastly, I collaborated with an Art Director, Jeff Punz, to finalize the designs. He took an editorial approach while I was inspired by pharmaceutical designs. We created a website design system guide outlining how the B2B site fits into Maple's existing website guide, while showing our decisions in making a unique experience.

Website — User Experience

Client — Maple
Date — May 2021

Copywriting - Guillaume Morissette
Art Direction — Jeff Punz

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