The word Lehwatch is Amharic for “exchange.” With this in mind, Maisha approaches her fashion line in a unique way. She takes fabrics specifically used in mattress making from Ethiopia and repurposes them—gives them a new life—as many kinds of garments.

Both being creatives, Maisha and I push daring designs for her brand. She provided a great background to her ideas and where her style inspirations come from, which was instrumental in shaping my approach.

I knew immediately that what I created should not feel anything like other fashion brands out there. All of the concepts are custom and hand drawn. LEHWATCH is bold and loud, but fairly simple to contrast the clothing patterns. It also resembles a mattress by being chunky with soft, rounded corners. We kept things black and white to let Maisha’s garments stand out. Ultimately, we achieved something authentic, flexible, versatile, and practical that will only gain more life from here on out.

Brand — Lettering

Client — Maisha Marshall-Ende
Date — May 2021

Photography — Nika Thompson

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