CommunaKey App

For this private school course, I wanted to help people efficiently access mental health services. I conducted one-on-one interviews and discovered that people with lived experience are incredibly aware of what tools work best for them. But what about people who didn't know what kinds of tools were out there?

I decided to incorporate five main features into the app for this project: discovering services, talking to/messaging practitioners, journalling, self reflective check-ins, and sharing those entries directly with practitioners. Mentally health-conscious people need an avenue to find the specific help they need. Because everyone’s experience with mental health is different, finding the right service can take some time.

The primary experience of CommunaKey is enabling someone to quickly find options for mental health services based on what they would like help with, and the kind of help they would like. Furthermore, users can then filter their results to focus their search. This process can also help reduce the amount of time users spend searching for the right help they need.

User Experience — User Interface

Assignment — General Assembly
Instructor — Patryk Adamczyk
Date — November 2020

Special thank yous to the volunteers who I interviewed and who helped me user test different parts of the prototype.

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