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Maple B2B Website

Maple B2B Website

Maple Health
Website Design. User Experience.

Believe it or not, this project started as a low-fidelity wireframe made in Microsoft Excel. The initiative was to make the B2B website stand out from the B2C side, as it is primarily used as a sales tool. From there, it was my job to turn it into a proper, prototyped website design for Maple to develop. I started by creating a medium-fidelity wireframe that focused on large, impactful typography, full-width modules, and a card system for displaying different forms of content.

Once that was approved, it was time to apply Maple’s brand to the pages, so Maple brought on an Art Director. Jeff Punz and I worked closely together, directly collaborating within Figma as we explored many different directions. He took a more editorial approach to the project, while I was inspired by pharmaceutical designs such as pills and bottles. Lastly, to wrap everything up, we created a website design system guide showing our key details and decisions.

View the full website here.