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C/S Info Bulletin

C/S Info Bulletin Consumer/Survivor Information CentreEditorial. Print Design. Let’s talk about C/S Info (now part of Sound Times) and how they are helping their community. They put out a bi-weekly newsletter called the Bulletin, which is packed full of info, resources and support for their readers. I helped C/S Info design a clear, structured and

Hey Jude!

Hey Jude! Newsletter St. Jude Community HomesEditorial. Print Design. St Jude’s Community Homes saw how C/S Info updated their newsletter and wanted to do the same as well. St Jude’s residents directly contribute to creating their own newsletter by submitting their stories, artwork, poems and photography, which is then shared with everyone living and working


Proto Magazine School/Personal Project.Editorial. Print Design. Typography. This is a conceptual, experimental and thought provoking magazine focused on mental health that I organized and put together for one of my projects in school. My goal was to avoid the typically happy approach to mental health communication and instead showcase the serious and realistic side of