Si4D Website

The Simpsons in 4D Website SimEx-Iwerks EntertainmentWeb Design. Digital Design. After years of production for this SimEx-Iwerks Theatre location, The Simpson’s in 4D experience was finally getting ready to open to the public. So, that meant it’s website needed to be ready as well. One of the other SimEx-Iwerks designers, Paolo Rinaldi, worked on a Si4D Website


StorySpotters App Studio AmareloUI and UX. Branding. Digital Design. After working on a few projects with Garrick Ng from Studio Amarelo, he approached me to collaborate on an app design that connects socially active and ambitious people. Users are enabled through this connection to showcase their talents and tell their stories on separate and suitable StorySpotters


Title School/Personal ProjectTypography. Lettering. This font was inspired by the calligraphic strokes found in Blackletter. Although the original sketches began as a more Traditional/Geralde-like font, its angular characteristics lead towards a style that is more Gothic. Most original Blackletters are typically aggressive and heavy, but Elganis is a bit friendlier with its soft, rounded corners. Elganis


Proto Magazine School/Personal Project.Editorial. Print Design. Typography. This is a conceptual, experimental and thought provoking magazine focused on mental health that I organized and put together for one of my projects in school. My goal was to avoid the typically happy approach to mental health communication and instead showcase the serious and realistic side of Proto

Andie Album

Andie Album School ProjectPackage Design. Branding. Typography. For this college project, Andie and I discussed the themes that interests her as a musician and as a performer on stage. The goal was to accurately represent Andie’s style and tonal quality within an album design. She is always distorting and warping her voice along with the Andie Album