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C/S Info Bulletin

C/S Info Bulletin Consumer/Survivor Information CentreEditorial. Print Design. Let’s talk about C/S Info (now part of Sound Times) and how they are helping their community. They put out a bi-weekly newsletter called the Bulletin, which is packed full of info, resources and support for their readers. I helped C/S Info design a clear, structured and


SDC Brand Sabrina Dias ConsultingBranding. Print Design. Web Design. Sabrina Dias needed a fresh way to present her message to current and future clients. SDC’s services focuses on sustainable development within the mining industry while consistently seeking windows of opportunity and keeping a forward thinking personality to their projects. Our goal was to build a

Hey Jude!

Hey Jude! Newsletter St. Jude Community HomesEditorial. Print Design. St Jude’s Community Homes saw how C/S Info updated their newsletter and wanted to do the same as well. St Jude’s residents directly contribute to creating their own newsletter by submitting their stories, artwork, poems and photography, which is then shared with everyone living and working

Mars: The Red Planet

Mars: The Red Planet – Trivia Loop SimEx-Iwerks EntertainmentMotion Design. For many of SimEx-Iwerks films there is typically a trivia load loop that accompanies the show beforehand. This is a short, bold and educational video that keeps audiences interested and tests them while they are waiting in line, or sitting in the theatre until the

Mark J. Stewart

Mark J. Stewart Brand Mark J. StewartBranding. Print Design. Web Design. Mark wanted a brand that would convey a sense of reassurance to his clients, which is how he consistently counsels them in the matters of the law. He achieves this through his reserved deeds and actions to provide an above satisfactory law experience. The

Si4D Website

The Simpsons in 4D Website SimEx-Iwerks EntertainmentWeb Design. Digital Design. After years of production for this SimEx-Iwerks Theatre location, The Simpson’s in 4D experience was finally getting ready to open to the public. So, that meant it’s website needed to be ready as well. One of the other SimEx-Iwerks designers, Paolo Rinaldi, worked on a


StorySpotters App Studio AmareloUI and UX. Branding. Digital Design. After working on a few projects with Garrick Ng from Studio Amarelo, he approached me to collaborate on an app design that connects socially active and ambitious people. Users are enabled through this connection to showcase their talents and tell their stories on separate and suitable

The Karaoke Guy Website

The Karaoke Guy Website The Karaoke GuyWeb Design. Print Design. Branding. While having a fully printed song book is great, it isn’t the most convenient option at bars in the busy city. So, the primary focus for The Karaoke Guy was to allow his crowd to simultaneously search through all of the music effortlessly on

SAKSCO Packaging

SAKSCO Packaging SAKSCO Gourmet Basket SuppliesPackage Design. While at SACKSO, one of my primary jobs was to update a few package designs for several of their products. I worked closely with the manager and owner of the business to go through a variety of rough ideas and iterations until we found a layout that felt